Tipperary Town

Tipperary Town is a typical 19th Century Irish market town, with a population of just under 5,000. County Tipperary takes its name from the town, although there are several larger towns in the County.

Tipperary Town is located in the heart of the Golden Vale, a rich, lush agricultural area is perfect for dairy farming, which is central to much of the surrounding culture. The town’s sole big employer is Tipperary Co-operative Creamery. The town has the reputation of being something of an economic blackspot due to under-investment and many of the younger generation have tended to move away to larger cities. However the community spirit of Tipperary people is legendary.

The town has a range of sporting clubs and the Canon Hayes Sports Centre is the envy of many a bigger town. Cultural pursuits are ably served by the Excel Centre, home to a cinema, a theatre, the local branch library, tourist office, cafe and much more. The Community Services Centre hosts the local radio station Tipp MidWest Radio, which serves a broad catchment area.

Tipperary has been made world-famous by the song "It's a long way to Tipperary", a favourite song of soldiers in the First World War. The lyrical and romantic sounding "Tipperary" came to represent "home" for men from all over the world. Johnny Cash also gives us a mention in his song "Forty Shades of Green" where he talks of missing the "girl from Tipperary Town".

To the south of Tipperary Town, the wonderful Glen of Aherlow in the Galtee mountains provides an attraction for walkers and climbers. There is breathtaking beauty to be found gazing from the Christ the King statue in the Glen into the valley and mountains beyond. In the past the Glen of Aherlow played host to the ministry of early Christian saints such as Peakaun, Sedna and Berrihert. The secluded tranquil nature of the Glen was thought to be complementary to early Irish Christian zeal for unspoilt spirituality and solitude. Even today, many townspeople escape regularly to the Glen for some “quiet time” with the elements.

The village of Emly, eight miles from the town, was an important ecclesiastical centre in the early Middle Ages, forever associated with St Ailbe.

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