The fellowship was started in the late 1970's by a couple who had heard people speaking about the Bible. They began studying the scriptures for themsleves in their home. Through their  study they came to believe what Jesus taught about Himself and His mission, about God and His creation, about the past, the present and the future that God planned for this world and for it's peoples.

As time went on others joined who had also come to believe in Jesus and followed His teachings. In 1995 a formalized Bible Study was started and in 1998  the group started Sunday morning worship services in the SIPTU Hall in Tipperary. Later they moved to the Tipperary Community Services Centre, where they presently meet.

The fellowship has been led by men who had studied theology and had felt God's call to preach the gospel of Jesus, and also to teach and equip believers. Presently, we are shepherded and taught by a South African missionary and we are expecting another missionary couple to join the leadership in 2022.  

Pastor Shaun Abrahams